Intellectual Property law helps protect a creators ideas and creations by helping innovators achieve exclusive rights to their intangible assets. These rights are acquired through the use of Patent, Trade Mark and Design protection. Our main concern is that you can continue to do what you love and therefore will advise you accordingly to ensure that what you have put your time, effort and money into creating remains yours and that your opportunities to further your career in this area are not snatched away from you.

We at Ormonde Solicitors are here to help you.

Safeguarding yourself and your work is important to us. We have worked with Graphic Designers who have had their work stolen and used online to those who just want to associate themselves with their work to win future business. 

Is someone using your work without your permission? Has your name, image, logo or work appeared somewhere that you didn't approve? Let us know what has happened and we can return you the correct advice and advise you of your next steps. 

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