With the rise of social media sites, come a whole new level of online issues. We have heard it all - people have been posted about in a derogatory manner or where malicious content was posted with the intent of causing harm. 

However, this is not just about social media. This relates to everywhere and anywhere on the web. We can handle cases where your photos, personal information or own creations have been misused. We have heard cases in which a person's photo was used to promote nationwide campaign for which they did not give permission to be associated with. We have also handled less public issues such as domain name disputes and acquisitions.  In the case of online cases like these ones, we like to act quick because in the meantime, most of these problems are public and can be seen by anyone online, causing comprehensible damage to a brand, business or person's personal brand.  

'In cases like these, acting quickly is essential for damage control' 

Need help with an app or software you developed? Or just need some advice regarding rules and regulations online? Let us know and we will come right back to you. 

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